How is a Nibo automation triggered?


Self service

It couldn’t be easier for users. Just initiate a conversation with Nibo (a request, a simple question or an issue report) and, If available, the automation is triggered.


A series of actions

An action taken inside another application, a mail arriving at a certain inbox, a file changed… any event can trigger an automation or a workflow of actions.

IoT automation

A button, a sensor, even physical objects can trigger workflows and automation.

What kind of automations can Nibo do?



One single action can trigger a Nibo automation flow.



Nibo automations can have multiple steps. They can have fixed timelines or waiting times, or can depend on multiple actions.



Multi-step, human-machine hybrid processes are easy with Nibo. Need an approval from someone to complete a task? Just include it in the automation flow.

Examples of Nibo in action


Employee Onboard


New employees need to get up to speed fast, with immediate access to company IT systems. That process can accelerated with automation.

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Pressing a button


Printers often simply ‘don't work‘. Make it super easy to resolve by placing an IoT button alongside. Users don’t need a computer or phone to report the issue. They just need to press the button to open an issue with IT support..

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Education: Exam provisioning


Find out how we helped a university customer automate the process of preparing exams, a process that was keeping its IT guys busy for hours.

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Office 365 Bundle

Achieve what you need by connecting and automating events using all Office 365 apps.



Go beyond automation, and continuously improve your processes with a data driven approach. Nibo, our bot, can suggest team assignment, tickets priority, track SLAs and surface historical data, resolutions and KB articles.

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How can digital transformation help you?

Digital transformation isn’t about replacing what people do with a computer or an automation. Digital transformation is about empowering people to do tasks that are impossible for people or computers alone. Using Nibo is like having 100 mini-assistants you can delegate tasks to, and its superpower mode helps everyone take faster and more accurate decision in their day-to-day jobs.

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