Modern ticketing for analysts

Simple workflows,
without confusion

Focus on giving your customers a great experience.
Let Nibo do the rest.
issues solved automatically
less time looking for stuff
more agent satisfaction
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Work that flows,
with process assistant

Want to solve a ticket but forgot to classify it first? Don't worry, Nibo will figure out what's missing. Now you can just focus on your work, without having to worry about learning complicated new software. Working with Nibo is as simple as saying Hi.

Know who's getting your messages 👋
Keep track of who you're chatting with by using @mentions.

How is ticketing better with Nibo?

Intelligent classification and assignment

Automatic solving for recurring problems

Offers solutions in context from the knowledge base

Simple overview thanks to ticket grouping, smart filters and search

Intelligent classification
and assignment

Nibo can expertly detect human language and understand the context. He correctly determines the nature of the problem and will come back with smart suggestions for categorizing and even solving issues. He will even assign the ticket to the right team!

Predictable problem solving saves time
The average interaction worker spends an estimated 20% looking for internal information or tracking down colleagues who can help with specific tasks.

where you need it

All of your solutions are automatically saved to a knowledge base. Imagine a place where all of your colleague's solutions are stored and easily accessible - this is it. Whenever we detect a match between two issues, we serve you the recommended solutions. You just pick the right one to solve the problem.

Have an overview of all the work

Our dashboards give you an overview of your work, but also your team's work. Know what's urgent, what's new, and what gets you stuck. The columns are organized according to your workflow, but you can also create them according to your needs.

Know what requires your immediate attention with our dynamic priority system, updated according to due date and customer's online time.

Search the whole board with smart filters.
Know what each team is working on, filter by tag, affected user & more

Closely monitor what matters to you with pinned searches.
You can save custom columns.

Use your expertise,
without waste

Delegate repetitive issues to your smart assistant, Nibo, who can quickly learn how to handle them so that you can use your brain where it is really needed.

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