Automation for anybody with a good idea

Everyone can automate.
Ignite your people's creativity. Free them from tedious and repetitive work.
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Empower everyone to automate

Get things running fast with simple automation solutions accessible to everybody. We can coordinate RPA or low code DIY automations to ensure every employee can have a say in optimizing the workflow.

The IT professional
Building complex non-interactive workflows, mainly for one department.

The developer
Similar to IT professional but more savvy, more in control of the solution, building interactive workflows.

RPA engineer
Brave enough to deal with legacy apps and processes, knows how to integrate with anything.

The citizen developer
Can be anyone from the company, proposing small workflows, quick wins for team.

RPA, code, no code?
Use all you've got

You don't have to choose between RPA or low code DIY tools and more complex solutions that require coding and development knowledge. We can smoothly guide you to integrate all types of automation solutions in our platform.

What does Nibo do for automation?

Help users discover automation through NLP

Identify new automation opportunities

Observe how
automations are used

Convert automation to conversation

Help users discover automation

Using natural language and machine learning Nibo can match requests with existing automations. This means some problems get solved instantly in chat.

It has been a smooth ride since we started using Nibo. Anybody in the company can come up with ways to save time with automation and the great part is implementing it is very flexible.
Jane Brown
Automation Consultant @ Blue Soft

Identify new automation opportunities

You don't need to spend time thinking and prioritizing what to automate. We will automatically surface requests by:

🗄️ highest volume
⏱️ most time-spent resolving them
👋 longest lead time

Customer stories
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Save time with our tools
Nibo plays nice. It can integrate with your existing solutions too.
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