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Ask Nibo.

No matter where your data is stored, make sure your team can find and access it with ease. But Nibo doesn't stop here - he can also learn from your agent's solutions and build an internal knowledge base.
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average time to find a document
99% faster
70% auto-solve
recurring issues
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Don't waste your
team's knowledge

Everything that your agents do to solve an issue is highly valuable information. This knowledge gets saved into a solutions database, ready to help other agents excel at their job. Empower all agents by giving them access to the best information.

How does Nibo manage knowledge?

Converts all your team's actions into an internal knowledge base

Offers instant in chat access to external knowledge

Offers solutions in context from the knowledge base

Analyses knowledge use and suggests automations

Looking for something?
Just ask Nibo.

Multiple drives? Tangled and forgotten folders? Ugly database interfaces? No problem. Nibo has access to it all and can easily find any file no matter where it is stored and serve it to you in chat.

We had so many documents stored in so many places that it was super hard to keep track of everything. Nibo is just like a really helpful librarian.
Jane Brown
Agent @ Blue Soft

Help for agents,
where they need it

Nibo can offer solutions for various problems, and even solve some automatically. Some he can solve on his own, and for others, he will require an agent's input.

Predictable problem solving saves time
The average interaction worker spends about 20% of time looking for internal information or tracking down colleagues who can help with specific tasks.

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Nibo plays nice. It can integrate with your existing solutions too.
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