Digital transformation starts with your people

Your people are your best advisors. Give them the freedom to contribute along with a helpful toolbox and watch the digital transformation happen.

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What does Nibo offer you?

A smart chatbot that solves issues, offers solutions.

Contextual access to internal and external knowledge.

All types of automation, helpful usage insights.

Modern AI ticketing and analytics.

A friendly chat interface

Who doesn't love chatting? It's easy, and we all know how to do it. With our chatbot, you can say goodbye to complicated software, ugly dashboards, crowded screens, and not knowing how to do what you have to do. Now it's as simple as saying hello. Need to solve an issue? Just ask Nibo.

Who is this for?
Get things solved. Instantly.

Anybody can get help from our bot, Nibo. Up to 40% of issues get solved on the spot!

🕒 shorter waiting times, or none
✅ queries solved automatically
👱 know the customer's history
🔑 no need to make an account

Focus on what's important. No distractions.

Agents just do their job, and Nibo will fill in the gaps to help solve tickets.

✅ say goodbye to overloaded UIs
💪 dispatch to your teams, departments
🏷️ tag peers in any conversation
🗄️ tickets automatically prioritized

Easily build solutions for common problems.

The best solutions should be able to be used by everybody, even without training. Nibo, our chatbot, guides you step by step. No training required.

💻 anybody can help your digital transformation
🤓 code, no-code, RPA, whatever...
💬 constant feedback from your users
📁 automatic discovery of new automation scenarios

Less planning, more doing, by knowing your team's needs.

Digitally transform your company with ease. Make informed decisions and get everybody's help.

📈 know which KPIs influence your results
⚙️ data-driven workload distribution
🤓 empower everyone to automate
🛰️ have an overview of all the issues

Complex processes, made simple

We turn complex things like machine learning, natural language processing, tagging, intent matching and entities recognition into a basic conversation.

📖 in chat, the user's needs are matched with the relevant knowledge
⚙️ Nibo's automations can solve common problems instantly
📊 usage analytics are presented in a visual dashboard

Build automations, using all you've got

You don't have to choose between RPA or low code DIY tools and more complex solutions that require in-depth coding and development knowledge. We can smoothly guide you to integrate all types of automation solutions in our platform. It's automation, but without the headache.

Less waiting time, or none, with
AI ticketing

We believe customers should not waste their time waiting in customer service phone lines, or waiting for email replies. Customers want an instant solution, and chatbots excel at this. Nibo can help with the common issues, often solving them on the spot, otherwise the issues get fast-tracked to an agent.

where you need it

All your solutions are automatically saved to a knowledge base. Imagine a place where the answers of all your colleagues are stored. Whenever we detect a possible match between issues, we will serve you the corresponding solutions.

Smart analytics, for better performance

Visualize your team's efforts in simple, easy to read graphs. Get in-depth insights into what tasks are the most time-consuming issues or the most common ones. You can also get an overview of how work is distributed and action change where needed. Smarter analytics put you in the driver's seat.

Customer stories
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Save time with our tools
Nibo plays nice. It can integrate with your existing solutions too.
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