Analytics for a better workflow

Optimized work,
based on data

Our analytics make it clear what you need to do to optimize your workflow. What are the most commonly encountered issues? What kind of problems take up the most time? How can you be more efficient? What should you automate? Our software has the answers.
faster dispatch
issues solved instantly
faster resolution times
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Your work at a glance

Visualize your team's efforts in simple, easy to read graphs. Know what takes up the most time, what issues come up most often, who is good at solving what, and how work is distributed.

How does Nibo lead to better decisions?

Nibo records all actions and puts them into neat graphs

Nibo can show you what influences each KPI

Visualizing spent time can help decide what automations to build

Knowing what the busy times are leads to a better workload distribution

Smart decisions,
based on numbers

Need faster response times? More efficient task management? Notice a growing trend for a specific problem? Want to increase customer satisfaction? Make informed decisions for your next steps just by having a look at the analytics dashboard.

Better workflow,
according skills & needs

You can now make informed changes in your team's workflow.
🤓 assign issues to the agents with the right expertise
🕒 know what your busiest times are
👌 know what metrics impact customer satisfaction

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Nibo plays nice. It can integrate with your existing solutions too.
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