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Say goodbye to waiting in line for customer service to fix your issues. Nibo can solve most problems on the spot.
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Nibo is complex below the surface, powered by problem-solving AI and machine learning technologies. But above the surface, it sports a clean and simple user interface that is easy to use even for the least tech-savvy among us. You just focus on what you need to get sorted. It's as simple as saying Hi - Nibo will ask all the necessary questions to solve your issue.

Customers like chatbots 😍
In 2019, chats that started with a bot earned a customer satisfaction score 7% higher than chats that started with a human.

Chat is the interface for complex processes

We turn complex things like machine learning, natural language processing, tagging, intent matching and entities recognition into a basic conversation.

📖 in chat, the user's needs are matched with the relevant knowledge
⚙️ Nibo's automations can solve common problems instantly
📊 usage analytics are presented in a visual dashboard

Tailor-made responses

Unlike most customer service workers, Nibo knows the customer. Nibo saves a lot of time by knowing all the past issues, historical searches, and essential details associated with each customer. We can all think back to a time where we were handed from one customer service agent to another, stuck in an endless loop of repeating our details. It's an incredibly frustrating experience, but one that Nibo solves easily.

Common issues are solved automatically, on the spot

Customer service agents spend an excessive amount of time answering straightforward issues that crop up frequently. Nibo excels at answering these questions. In less than one month, he can learn to handle up to 40% of the repetitive tasks on his own. When he can't solve an issue, he passes it on to a human agent.

No need to make an account 🔑
Customers can just use their work credentials to access Nibo.

Making knowledge instantly accessible

Need to find a document? Need an article on a specific topic? Don't know what the company protocols are? Nibo knows where everything is and displays anything you need, in chat. He can even help you search for documents.

The newly added document search saved us so much time. We had documents everywhere, on various drives, servers and locations nobody remembered. It took ages to find something. Now we can easily find what we need within seconds, thanks to smart search and filtering, just by asking Nibo.
James Green
CEO @ Blue Soft

What are Nibo's roles?

Helping both customers and agents.

Agent helper
Help agents solve customer issues by suggesting solutions from the knowledge base.

Process assistant
With Nibo, keeping work organized is easy. He ensures that all issues are solved according to the protocol, every time.

Knowledge manager
Nibo knows where knowledge is stored. He can find documents and has the answer for most common questions.

Customer service
Nibo can register customer's issues and collect necessary data.

Automation driver
Nibo can make sure your automations are put to good use and are completed successfully.

Real stories of happy customers
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