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Many companies underestimate the importance of a robust employee onboarding experience. Research by Glassdoor found that great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by 82%. If you want to attract the right employees and keep them, then successful onboarding could be the key to your success.

Successful onboarding has a significant impact on retention and productivity, but most organizations don't onboard well. Gallup's study found that 88% of employees believe their employers don't do a great job at onboarding. To reap the benefits of excellent employee onboarding, you need the right tools, like Nibo.

Nibo can quickly learn to guide any new employee through the onboarding process, without inter-department confusion. With Nibo, everything can be handled in one place.This includes signing the contract, setting up payroll, getting the right gear and software, and even getting introduced to the right teams.


Typically, when you take on a new employee, the first thing required to get them up to speed is to grant them access to company IT systems. That process often takes a lot of time, and new users don’t always grasp why systems aren’t instantly available. Imagine having to connect to five different admin centers, manually configure user settings for each one, then repeating more of the same actions several times (like adding the user to groups) and so on.

With a very focused IT officer, this would take at least 30 minutes, if not longer. And that's without factoring in human errors that are all too common with complex admin tasks.When there are several employees to onboard, it's easy to see how this process can become time-consuming and how mistakes can compound.

 Below is a real scenario requested by one of our customers:

Our customer wanted to automate the onboarding process, ensuring that all onboarding tasks are captured and executed by Nibo.  

Nibo Inputs: FirstName, LastName, sAMAccountName, E-Mail, Title, Phone, Location,Department, TemplateUser, ProjectX. (You can narrow down the list of inputs by generating some of the properties, but this was the particular requirement in this case). 

Automation Steps:

  1. Create Active Directory User using the supplied parameters.
  2. Set values for some custom attributes in Active Directory.
  3. Generate and set Remote Desktop Profile Path.
  4. Create a personal folder and set NTFS permissions.
  5. Create Exchange mailbox and apply ActiveSync policy.
  6. Share the calendar with a group.
  7. Add user to a 3rd party PBX telephone system.
  8. If ProjectX is specified the user will be added to some predefined Active Directory groups.
  9. If Template User is specified then the user will be added to all Active Directory groups as the Template User.

Outputs: Username and Account Password

As you would imagine, there’s a lot of manual and repetitive work baked into the process. By automating it, we ensure consistent results, save time, and, most importantly, eliminate boredom among the IT support team. 😉

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