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Turning hours-long tedious work into a one minute task.

Online learning emerged as a safe and viable option for education continuity as the COVID-19 pandemic turned personal and professional worlds upside down. Even before the pandemic, the global e-learning market was already seeing a massive annual global growth. It is expected to reach $336.98 billion by 2026, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.1% from 2018 to 2026 (Syngene Research, 2019). The growth estimates are likely to see an update sooner rather than later owing to the pandemic. Source

With a growing e-learning market, teachers were already figuring out ways to send home and run exams online. However, it's fair to say that the pandemic has accelerated this trend, pushing schools who never envisioned going online into doing precisely that.Now, these schools also need help setting up their students and running effective programs over the internet.  

When it comes to running an education program or online school, there are just some tasks that have to be done, no matter how tedious they are.

We all know that there is no fun in manually creating user accounts, assigning permissions, off-boarding users, and so much more. Still, they are essential. But who's to say that you have to do them all yourself? By automating the tedious tasks with Nibo, you can save hours of your time. Your time gets freed up to spend on the things you enjoy and find fulfilling.

 Below is an example of how we helped a university automate the exam preparation process, a process that was keeping the IT guys busy for hours.

 To give you a little context, this is how its exams take place. Each student receives a piece of paper containing an Active Directory user account, logs into a computer, gets the subjects from a share, and posts the results to another personal share.

Imagine how much time it took to carry out the following manually:

  1. 30 user accounts
  2. 30 shared folders with specific permissions for each one
  3. 1 subjects shared folder with read-only access for all students
  4. Write down account details on 30 different pages
  5. Disable user accounts at exam end
  6. Archive results
  7. Wait 4 days then delete the resources
  8. And do this for each exam

Our end goal here is to transform all that manual work into a self-service process that will involve only the teacher and Nibo.

For the teacher, this becomes a one-minute conversation with our bot.

How the process works with Nibo

 With Nibo, we’re helping the customer reduce hours of IT admin to minutes of self-service.

  • The teacher logs into the self-service portal, where they are welcomed by Nibo (our AI bot). The interaction is conversational; they just have to tell Nibo what they need, and Nibo will ask questions, guiding the user through the automation.
  • The teacher tells Nibo that he needs to prepare a new exam.
  • Nibo tries to match the teacher’s request to all automated templates available in the database and present the results to the teacher.
  • The teacher selects the appropriate template, and then Nibo starts collecting the inputs required by the PowerShell Runbook.
  • After the teacher gives all inputs, Nibo will automatically open a ticket and trigger the automation.
  • After the automation completes (around three minutes), all resources will be created, and the teacher will receive all the information by email.
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