Knowledge base integration

Knowledge bases are becoming a huge focus for businesses in the digital age, and with good reason.They come with several benefits. Employees prefer self-service because they don't have to break from the task they are working on to seek their colleague's help. Knowledge bases can also improve employee onboarding, reduce employee training time, and help speed up ticket resolution times. Once you've got your knowledge base up and running, next, you'll want to implement tools that can help you get the most out of it, like Nibo.


Document searching made easy

According to research byMcKinsey, employees spend an average of 1.8 hours every day searching for information[1]. That amounts to a whopping 9.2 hours per week!

It's clear that currently, the way many businesses store information is ineffective. Employee should not be spending almost 20% of the working week searching for documents.Storing documents isn't just about where and how you organize them, but also how easily retrievable they are. You can have the most orderly document storage system out there, but it's no use if employees can't quickly find what they need from it.

One of our customers hada massive set of documents and lots of data. Their employees would waste a lot of time searching for the things they needed. With the help of Nibo, we managed to reduce that time from 10 minutes to a few seconds, all within a simple chat.

 Nibo has access to all the database parts and will search all locations to find the right documents.With one simple search, the user can get exactly what they need in a matter of seconds and move onto the next task. No more time wasted, just productivity boosted!


less time searching for stuff
10 sec
average time to find a document
users happy with new search
initial search results accuracy
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